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GYOD*  Mobile Workflow Digitalization!

*Get Your Operated Device (when BYOD comes to the limit)

Digitize human workflows using smart temporary devices owned by the operator, not by individual

3 innovative Infrafon System Components make sure to reach 100% success when it comes to process digitalization in hospitals, buildings and work team organization.

1. The digital journey starts with Check-In

Patient, staff member, visitor or guest checks in at a Self-Service Terminal. A few seconds later, a fully customized and personalized smart mobile Infrafon CC1 device, with all necessary digital content loaded, will automatically be handed out.

Certified biometric ID authentication makes sure, that automatic device allocation, data storage and personalized data is safe. Beside Badge ID data, planned journey details, appointments, inquiries, language and a lot more can be now displayed and interactively managed by the card holder or by operators applications. No matter if the journey will last for weeks, days or hours, communication with Backend and operator is granted by WiFi, LoRa or NB-IoT.

2. Infrafon CC1, a credit-card sized smart device for visitors, staff members or patients.

Our tiny CC1 weighs only 50g, is similar to credit card size and is equipped with a highres 600x480 pixel interactive epaper screen. All functions known from smartphones can be managed OTA remotely and centrally by operator. The holder can interact by multiple provided dataview tasks or answer questions, but he has no unwanted access to communication or other device´s functional setup details. This Infrafon principle grants stability and efficiency of operator´s desired process.

Besides unparalleled CC1 communication skills like WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IoT and NFC, operators can locate CC1 by GNSS (GPS), in-door BLE and even optional UWB Apple Airtag. CC1 can open doors by NFC, pay or monitor holder´s body movements. Unlike smartphones with device based Operating System, Infrafon operates as an Always Connected Terminal, managed by a server- (cloud) based operating system (IES). Security and efficiency by architecture is the benefit for the operator.

3. Infrafon Entity Server (IES), the heart of the Infrafon system.

Operated as on-premise VM or as a Cloud Service, IES is controlling one single device or many fleets of Infrafon and makes sure to connect with the right application data of our ISV partners. Every ISV can create processes or any other digitalized environment. IES also connects via REST API to Check-In Kiosk application, Infrafon Dispenser and other types of system devices like screens, smartphone Apps and all possible IoT sensors in operators environment. We welcome solution providers to become our ISV partners, to Co-market IES based Applications and OS extensions.

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Core advantages of the "Temporary Smart Badge"

Infrafon is introducing a unique and disruptive technology approach. Unlike Smartphones, all Infrafon connected devices are managed centrally by operator through IES, the Infrafon Entity Server.

Infrafon works like a smart Terminal and users like patients, staff members or visitors do not install or manually manage anything except the touch interaction with loaded process tasks. The holders receives at Check-In a fully configured and personalized smart device and can from that moment on interactively follow location sensitive commands or dynamically generated schedule updates. Infrafon is processing and communicating with established industry 4.0 IoT protocol MQTT and offers 3rd party integrators to connect by powerful REST API. Security and Efficiency by design! Infrafon Entity Server a perfect solution, where Smartphones reach their limits. Infrafon helps to close the digital gap by allowing everyone´s participation at digital processes. Democratize your process with Infrafon and benefit from rising efficiency.

Secure your data

With the Infrafon Entity System all of your sensitive data stays on your own network.  Secure CL/MIFARE/Wi-Fi credentials,  authentication, device ID for blockchain and secure key storage.

Always & anywhere connected

Besides Wifi, bluetooth and LTE, Infrafon communicates via LoRa, enabling the device to be always online everwhere, whilst energy efficient. Build at low cost your private Campus LoRaWan or join TTN, Helium or others.

No coding necessary 

You can build your own µPython system or you simply use Infrafon Entity Server to connect via REST API with data from corporate 3rd party applications. Create your own user communication and build digital journeys easily. Drag & Drop own content pages directly with the Infrafon dataview design tool.  

Use cases

Our goal is to optimize processes, wether this relates to improving customer journeys or developing time saving workflows. Infrafon is here to help you, taking your industry into the digital future. 

Manage Patient Journeys

Connect Infrafon Smart Badges and IES Server to existing IOS/Android powered BYOD hospital apps by API and benefit of 100%  Patient Digitalization efficiency. Patient Location and Interaction help to improve your process. Smart notifications, alerts, lawful log records and much more...

Manage Workforce

Smart lock systems - Infrafon Digital Companion helps to manage your workforce and make construction activities more efficient. Integrate environmental sensors, weather warning, emergency localization, construction updates and much more....

Manage Visitors

Enable smart, digital journeys for guests in Hospitality or Corporate Visitors. Integrated into food order systems, visitor schedulers, NFC / BLE building technology, feedback collectors, payment and much more...

Infrafon ISV Partner network

Join our project and become an Infrafon Indipendent Software Vendor. We help to market your Infrafon solution and you benefit from other partner´s complementary solutions, reselling them in a fast growing network. A league of its own is born.

As of early October 2021 we are proud to list the very first Infrafon pioneers below:

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam.“
Markus Menner | CEO | Axxelia

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