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We are looking for partnerships with innovative professionals. Do you work with Hospital- Workforce or queue management solutions? Or do you work in the field of IoT Sensoring or RFID operated devices like smart locks? Do you create building- or medical technology? If you think, that Infrafon Smart Badge could provide benefits for your clients, let us please discuss your ideas. Or do you want to dive deep and design your own solutions just using our hardware? Whatever you are planning, please talk to us. We supply you with API integration guide, 3D data for your snap-in hardware ideas. Join our fast-growing network.

Frieder Hansen | CEO

Frieder spent most of his work life with Pyramid, from foundation in 1985 until to its successful reverse IPO in 2020/21. In all these years and ups and downs, Pyramid has become a 130+ FTE, >50m€ revenue and successful IT systems manufacturer. In March 2020 Frieder stepped down as a CEO and handed over to a younger team to face the challenge of further international growth. In the past years several Pyramid spin-offs have been successfully established, such as iTernity or EOD.

Santosh Krishnan | Embedded Developer

MEng information technology Heidelberg University, various projects around Smart Grid metering, robotics and Python.

Hans Kaufmann | UI/UX Design

Economics (B.Sc./M.Sc./CEMS MIM) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, FGV São Paulo, Nova SBE and the Norwegian School of Economics. Majors in behavioral science, work experience in management consultancy and +5 years experience in app and web development and digital design.

Brian Wyld | CTO

MEng from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh), working in the networking/telecom industry ever since, projects from hardware right up to end-user applications. HP telecom business unit for 8years in senior technical and project management positions. Creation of Eloquant SA, a telecom Saas application provider, CTO 15 years, sale of Eloquantin 2015, then creation of Wyres SAS (now part of Kerlink SA), an IOT geolocation technology provider producing LoRa and Bluetooth devices and backend cloud applications for asset and people tracking. He obtains multiple patents from his time at HP, Eloquantand Wyres.

Tushar Diggewadi | Embedded Developer

MEng embedded computing WeingartenUniversity, various projects around UWB and vehicle positioning and Python.

Christian Stanke| Marketing / Student Trainee

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IT Integration and Business Process Management

Axxelia is internationally positioned, employs practitioners on a daily basis from overseeing and supervising projects all over the world: we understand globalization as an opportunity that we take advantage of.

Data Analysis

Cedalo is the company behind Eclipse Mosquitto and Eclipse Streamsheets. Cedalo provides a real-time broker and spreadsheet for IoT stream processing.

Secure Check-In Identifications

Our partner provides a user friendly, efficient and secure access management system for external staff, temporary access of employees and visitors.

Healthcare solutions and IT integration

Lohmann & Birkner is our competent partner in the health care realm offering a large team of health care business economists, physicians, study nurses, social insurance professionals, IT specialists and internationally experienced academic and clinical professionals from various health related fields.

Technology Partner

Pycom offers a product portfolio that includes a comprehensive range of MicroPython ready development boards, expansion boards and OEM. Pycom also offers accessories like cases and antennas, providing essential components for IoT (Internet of Things) projects. Pycom products have been specially designed to be enterprise grade, offering secure SSL connectivity between platform and device.

Kiosk Production

Pyramid designs and manufactures tailor made self-service solutions for the best-automated interactions
at points of sale and service and is a leading supplier for industrial pc and servers.

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