Hi! I am your Infrafon.

The new digital companion for your digital journey. 

How did I come to be with you, and what can I do for you in this digital world?

First of all, you probably didn’t buy me. I am your temporary companion, a native guide for your digital journey through this organization you are visiting. You hold me in your hand because an automated Self Service kiosk dispenser gave me to you when you started your visit here. You will enjoy my company and my services for a few hours or even days during your experience here. 

Humanised IoT

Credit card-sized interactive IoT Terminal, with industrial IoT sensors.

Communicate Everywhere

Industry-standard Wifi, LoRa, BLE, LTE, & RFID for encrypted messages.


Best in class Safety, but not build for games/calls.

Guided interactive Communication

Receives & Displays according to the organization.

Smart apps as a Service, Infrafon is not just the device -

Its a fully-featured platform consisting of the device,a cloud-based IoT platform for devices, apps, and data management, and the fully automated robotic InfraFon kiosk dispensing system. These kiosks are the key to ensuring that the Infrafon devices are always available to users, fully charged, and loaded with the specific apps and data required for their specific uses.

With Infrafon, the existing application uses the device as a two-way real-time data terminal – no application coding is required, the developer just decides how to present/request their data, and the device does the rest.