Integrated Smart Badge System

Integrated Smart Badge System

hybrid Asset Tracking

The AT1 offers all the functionality imaginable for asset tracking: Seamless Transistion between outdoor and indoor localization, interactive touch screen for workflow optimization as well as 270 deg high visibility signal light.

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Smart physical NFC Access

Infrafon CC1 smart badge consolidates your organization´s smart cards. Dynamic and smart MIFARE DESFire NFC emulation for door locks and coffee machine operation makes your digital journey easier and safer. NXP Secure Element as well as highest encryption standards protect credentials against digital and physical attacks.

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Tracking & Localization

Knowing where assets and people are is crucial for digital workflow managment. RTLS tracking and localization of assets and people helps to make processes safer and more efficient. Knowing what happens when and where is not a luxury but a nescessity.​ Highlight: RTLS definitions drive NFC credential activation.


A client, staff member, visitor or guest checks in at a Self-Service Terminal. A few seconds later, a fully customized and personalized smart badge CC1 device, with all the necessary digital content loaded, is automatically be dispensed. Highlight: get ID from AD or EIDAS compatible ID card (BPA).

Track and analyse motion and movement

Acceleration sensor Bosch BMA 456 for fall detection and step counting, gestures and other movement pattern recognition. Highlight: Can be used to benefit from second factor authentication (PIN entry) in case of uncertainty about Badge holder ID.

Messaging & Pager

Alarms, Pager-messages, Appointment-confirmations or data driven automated replys - smart communication is one of the most important factors in functioning work environments. Let’s make it as easy and efficient as possible.

Process Management: Every step digitally documented

Documentation that is secure and verifiable is gaining importance and in many industries is already mandatory. The Infrafon Smart Badge is the swiss army knife for efficient digital documentation, as well as being a carrier for commands and permissions.


Infrafon can be used to pay by NFC. The function in colaboration with leading payment specialist Computop allows your team members or guests to pay electronically with your prefered payment method.  

Easy to use. Secure communication. Endless applications.

A smart infrafon kiosk dispenser with a huge multi touch display, as well as keypad and passport scanner, providing a 100 fully charged CC1 devices.


The digital journey starts with the check-in process

A client, staff member, visitor or guest checks in at a Self-Service Terminal. A few seconds later, a fully customized and personalized smart badge CC1 device, with all the necessary digital content loaded, is automatically be dispensed.


Infrafon CC1, a touch enabled ePaper smart badge for staff members, visitors, patients and so on.

All functions, such as NFC access keys and notifications, can be managed over the air, remotely and centrally by the operator. The user mainly reacts to suggestions from the backend using simple multiple-choice DataViews. There is no user access to inappropriate functions or applications. This critical Infrafon principle guarantees the stability and efficiency of the desired processes.
The Infrafon CC1 device´s unparalleled connectivity using Wifi, BLE, LTE-M or LoRa make it a uniquely capable piece of hardware.

A smart mobile device, with high-res e-paper touch display, used in a IoT healthcare environment.
A smart mobile device, with high-res e-paper touch display, used in a IoT healthcare environment.
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Suitable for a multitude of applications

Infrafon CC1 Smart Badge secures and optimizes human journeys for patients, visitors, workers and more. Our ISV partners will develop workflows for your security and efficiency. Infrafon takes your organization into the digital future.

Healthcare Staff Workflow

Connect Infrafon Smart Badge system easily via REST API with your hospital enterprise solution and benefit from mobile smart messaging, alerts, appropriate log records and much more...

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Manage Workforce

Infrafon delivers team collaboration improvement by secure messaging, precise RTLS and connects via MQTT with IoT sensors, Our BPM ISV´s will setup customized apps for you.

Manage Visitors

Automatic and smart digital journeys for your visitors, leveraging NFC / BLE building technology features. Infrafon connects to 3rd party Check-in and RTLS geofencing solutions

Infrafon Entity Server (IES), the heart of the Infrafon system.

Operated as an on-premises VM or as a Cloud Service, IES controls all of your Infrafon devices, and guarantees the connection with the right application data of ISV partners. Every ISV can create their secured connections to their digital environments for data exchanges, using industry standard MQTT services.

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IES also enables the connection via its REST API for Check-In Kiosk applications, Infrafon Dispensers, and many other types of system devices, such as wallboard screens, smartphone Apps and even 3rd party IoT sensors in the operational environment. We welcome contact from solution providers to become our ISV partners, to Co-market IES based Applications and extensions.

Core advantages

Infrafon is introducing a unique and disruptive technology approach. Unlike Smartphones, all Infrafon connected devices are managed centrally by the operator through the IES, the Infrafon Entity Server.

Data Security

With the Infrafon Entity Server all of your sensitive data stays on your own network.  Secure CL/MIFARE/Wi-Fi credentials, authentication, device ID for blockchain and secure key storage.


Besides Wifi, bluetooth and LTE, Infrafon Smart Badge communicates via LoRA, enabling the device to be always online, whilst staying energy efficient. Build your private Campus LoRaWAN at low cost, or join TTN, Helium or others.

No coding necessary 

Create your DataView pages and simply use Infrafon Entity Server to connect them via MQTT with data from corporate 3rd party applications. Create your own user communication and build digital journeys easily. And for special projects, you can even build your own µPython libraries to run on the device.

Infrafon ISV Partner network

Join our project and become an Infrafon Independent Software Vendor. We help to market your Infrafon solution, and you benefit from other partners’ complementary solutions, reselling them in a fast growing network. A league of its own is born.

Provided by our Partners

3rd Party Applications

iOS, Android, React, Vue.js etc.

3rd Party Application Server

Rest API
Provided by Infrafon

LoRa, BLE, GNSS, RFID, LTE, Sensors and more

Self-Service Terminals

As of early February 2022 we are proud to list the very first Infrafon pioneers below:

IT Integration and Business Process Management

Axxelia is internationally positioned, employs practitioners on a daily basis from overseeing and supervising projects all over the world: we understand globalization as an opportunity that we take advantage of.

Data Analysis

Cedalo is the company behind Eclipse Mosquitto and Eclipse Streamsheets. Cedalo provides a real-time broker and spreadsheet for IoT stream processing.

Secure Check-In Identifications

Our partner provides a user friendly, efficient and secure access management system for external staff, temporary access of employees and visitors.

Healthcare solutions and IT integration

Lohmann & Birkner is our competent partner in the health care realm offering a large team of health care business economists, physicians, study nurses, social insurance professionals, IT specialists and internationally experienced academic and clinical professionals from various health related fields.

Technology Partner

Pycom offers a product portfolio that includes a comprehensive range of MicroPython ready development boards, expansion boards and OEM. Pycom also offers accessories like cases and antennas, providing essential components for IoT (Internet of Things) projects. Pycom products have been specially designed to be enterprise grade, offering secure SSL connectivity between platform and device.

Custom Self Service Check-in/out Terminals

Pyramid designs and manufactures tailor made self-service solutions for the best-automated interactions
at points of sale and service and is a leading supplier for industrial pc and servers.

„Interactive smart badges are a totally new approach, allowing us to conquer markets, where - until now -  we could not tap into using mobile apps.“
Markus Menner | CEO | axxelia

Become an Infrafon partner!

We are looking for partnerships with innovative professionals. Do you work with Hospital- Workforce or queue management solutions? Or do you work in the field of IoT Sensoring or RFID operated devices like smart locks? Do you create building- or medical technology? If you think, that Infrafon Smart Badge could provide benefits for your clients, let us please discuss your ideas. Or do you want to dive deep and design your own solutions just using our hardware? Whatever you are planning, please talk to us. We supply you with API integration guide, 3D data for your snap-in hardware ideas. Join our fast-growing network.

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