Infrafon CC1

Our tiny CC1 smart badge device weighs only 50g, is close to credit card size and is equipped with a highres 600x480 pixel interactive e-paper screen. All functions familiar from smartphones can be managed remotely OTA and centrally by the operator. The device user can interact with multiple DataView tasks or can answer questions. Device users have no access to the device´s functional setup details. This Infrafon design principle provides stability and efficiency to the operator´s processes.

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A hand holding the Infrafon CC1, used as a smart badge in a healthcare IoT setting

Unparalleled Connectivity

Infrafon Smart Badge can be always online with its in-built range of COM digital radios WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa or NB-IoT (LTE-M). Operators can locate Infrafon CC1 by GNSS (GPS) or BLE Beaconing. A Holder of the CC1 Smart Badge can open locks using NFC emulation function (MIFARE DesFire EV2, Calypso...), make payments, or monitor the holder´s body movements.
Create rules and define alerts! Imagine for example: A 3rd party geofencing tool detects an Infrafon holder in an unauthorized room. Automatically executed rule simply OTA deactivates RFID/BLE credentials.
Unlike a smartphone, Infrafon operates as an Always Connected Terminal, managed by a server- (cloud) based operating system (IES). Operators benefit from security and efficiency by design. NoCode, NoOS, just REST API!







Security and Reliability

The Infrafon CC1 device’s functions are managed centrally by the operator. Device users do not have access to any unwanted behaviors during their journey. This philosophy secures the efficiency of any process. User interaction is only available using the capacitive touch screen and 3 capacitive navigation buttons. A wide range of functions can be managed centrally, For example: A server task can create alerts if the Infrafon CC1 device is detected in forbidden areas or hours, as well as put the device on standby according to a predefined setup rule. Communication via WiFi, BLE, LoRa or LTE-M can be strongly encrypted via certificate stored securely in Secure Element NXP SE050. Access to highly protected networks is no problem.

smart Firmware instead of heavy OS

The Infrafon CC1 Smart Badge embeds smart firmware, letting the device operate without the weight of a complex Operating System such as Android or IOS. This revolutionary, patented interactive Terminal technology makes it easier for involved parties to build, test, run, and certify the whole system. An Open-Source strategy and use of the µPython language by the comfortable IES (Infrafon Entity Server) grant the flexibility familiar from IoT architecture and connect the system to 3rd party applications. Standards like MQTT allow the device to interact with further ecosystems making it possible to use the device as a communication device and connect with a corportae PABX in order to replace analog or digital pagers. You can create unique user journeys at a fraction of the cost of commercial BYOD Smartphones and apply a single look and feel to your existing Apps using our Infrafon DataView Designer to grant a better user acceptance.

A credit card sized, IoT integrated smart terminal device, showing a DataView of a hospital application.

Infrafon brand and Infrafon technology is protected by international patents (i.e. EU Patent filings 30 2021 105 271.4 and 10 2021 115 757.9).

Infrafon Expansion Modules

Infrafon offers unmatched flexibility, and not only because of our our IES management Server approach or µPython use. We designed Infrafon CC1 as a platform for further modular expansions, both made by ourselves and by third party partners. A patented power management solution makes it possible to operate any certified small electronics directly powered by CC1 main LiPo battery. As an Infrafon partner, you can design your special communication, sensor or measuring device. Plug and unplug by rail and clip into the Infrafon device and connect to the world. Talk to us, we help you get your ideas to market.

As of Q4/2021 we offer the following expansion accessories and modules:

QR Code & Imager Module

Zebra SE4100 powered 2D QR code reader expansion module. Lets you read, interpret and transmit data from 1D/2D codes or take imager pics and deliver them to the IES backend for further processing by 3rd party apps. Take advantage of Infrafon’s endless communication strength and transmit using LoRa if no public network is available. A hospital asked us to create this module to read Patient QR coded wrist bands to confirm Patient ID.

Extended Audio Module

The Infrafon device is equipped with a Buzzer and Vibrator, but if extended audio features are required, such as recording voice messages, playing messages, sounds or very loud alerts, this is a useful expansion clip. We designed the module for a hospital customer to monitor background sounds and generate an alert in case of certain noise characteristics by MQTT backend analysis.

Precise Localization Module

Apple’s UWB RTLS Airtag can be embedded into this clip. Indoor localization of the Infrafon CC1 device in the range of few centimeters. Use case: Order a drink with using the Infrafon device, service staff, equipped with IOS device and RTLS can localize guest very precisely and deliver the drink even in crowded situations.

Desktop Charger

The USB-C charger is designed to be placed on a desktop. The Infrafon CC1 device can be placed and recharged easily. An LED displays function and charge mode. Remark: USB-C cable and AC Adapter optional.

Lanyard clip

This little clip makes it easier to wear the Infrafon device. Soon available as a belt or a pocket clip.

10 x Charging Station

For work teams or visitor reception desks. It can be useful to supply workers or visitors with this manual bulk CC1 charger. Remark: USB-C cable and AC adapter optional.

... and are easily expandable for further tasks.

The unique combination of security, accesability and durability makes Infrafon a perfect solution, where mobile apps reach their limit.

Speaker clip for voice messaging

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Charging Brick

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QR scanner module

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Apple Airtag

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Lanyard Clip

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Inter-connected Wall displays

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A close-up of the Infrafon Dispenser passport scanner and keypad with payment option

Self-Service Terminal

Patients, staff members, visitors or guests check in at this Self-Service Terminal. A few seconds later, a fully customized and personalized Infrafon CC1 device, with all necessary digital journey content loaded, is automatically dispensed.

Certified biometric ID authentication makes sure that automatic device allocation, data storage and personalized data is safe. In addition to Badge ID data, planned journey details, appointments, inquiries, language, and a lot more can be displayed and interactively managed by the card holder or by the operator’s applications. No matter if the journey will last for weeks, days or hours, communication with Backend and operator is granted by WiFi, LoRa or NB-IoT.

Our Partners

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Our Partners

The Infrafon Entity Server (IES)

The IES Server is the heart of the Infrafon Eco System. It connects the application backend with the entity databases, the dispensers, displays and all handheld devices.

Operated either as an on-premises VM or as a Cloud Service, the IES controls from one single device to many fleets of Infrafon devices and connecting them to the correct application data provided by our ISV partners. Each ISV can create processes or any other digitalized environments. The IES also connects via the REST API to the Check-In Kiosk application, the Infrafon Dispenser, and other types of system devices, for example screens, smartphone Apps and all possible IoT sensors in the operator’s environment. We welcome solution providers to become our ISV partners, to Co-market IES based Applications and OS extensions.

Provided by our Partners

3rd Party Applications

iOS, Android, React, Vue.js etc.

3rd Party Application Server

Rest API
Provided by Infrafon

LoRa, BLE, GNNS, RFID, LTE, Sensors and more

Self-Service Terminals